Original Sound

Our Turnkey Services Include:


With the most recent digital technologies including Digidesign Pro Tools.


Certified Dolby Digital 5.1.

Sound Editing and Design:

Supervision for all types of productions with a proprietary library of more than 100,000 sound effects, instantly accessible on a central server.

Remastering and Restoration:

With unique technology, the 5.1 Digital Creator, developed right here in our studios, we can restore and revitalize any project, whether it be audio for DVD, CD, HDTV or theatrical release.

Foley Recording:

Complete foley services with stage sound technician, assistant and foley artist.

Technical Consulting:

We can address all of your technical questions, including the best conditions under which to record original sound on location, questions about the newest cutting-edge technology available, which optimal work flow is best adapted to your budget, and the different delivery audio formats required for your production.

Conversions/File Treatment:

Conversion of audio-visual media in all formats. Resynchronization of problematic media. Clean-up of files containing different audio parasites.

Copies, Transfers, Laybacks:

HDCAM, HDCAMSR and all other types of digital files.

Inherent Quality Control (QC) Process:

We run QC on all audio tracks we receive and send out. Our QC parameters are based on International Broadcasting Standards while respecting the individual technical specifications of your client in all distribution formats.