At Audio Postproduction SPR Inc., we are well known for the quality of our dubbing. We work tirelessly in order to produce versions that surpass the norms and expectations of broadcasters. All this, to the great delight of our many clients.

Our specialized team will take charge of all of the different aspects of your productions (including productions for theatrical release and gaming) and as such, you will be able to benefit from our unsurpassed client services. You will also be able to benefit from our close relationships with major international broadcasters, including TF1, Jetix, Canal +, France 3 and 5, Disney France and Télétoon Canada, with whom we have collaborated on a number of projects.

Several of the productions we dubbed are currently being broadcast in France.  

The following are some of our most recent projects:

Drama (Live-action)

«Gourmet Detective MOWs»: M6/ SUPER ECRAN « The Kennedys: After Camelot »: France 3/Arte
«BELLEVUE»: V Télé «Reviving Ophélia»: M6
«Backstage»: Disney France «Aurora Teagarden MOWs»: M6/SUPER ECRAN
«Odd Squad»: SRC «Anne of Green Gables»: TELETOON


«Camp Lake Bottom»: Canal +/Télétoon «Big Block Sing Song»: Canal +
«Supernoobs»: Turner/Télétoon «Mike the Knight»: TF1
«Dinopaws»: TFO «Endangered Species»: Canal +
«Little Charmers»: France Télévision/Nickelodeon «The Day my Butt went Psycho»: Gulli
«Inspector Gadget»: France Télévision/Télétoon «Kate and Mim Mim»: Canal +
«Bakugan»: Cartoon Network France «Mia»: Canal +/SRC
«Looped»: Lagardère Active «Truck Town»: France Télévision

Our team can handle your project from start to finish, including Closed Captioning and Descriptive Video.